the boy who wants to fly but doesn't have a plane

I'm Thom, I'm 23 and I'm totally in love with Sarah. she is in Reno Nevada and I am in North Wales. She will be back in December and I cant wait. I want to do lots of intriguing things in my life, but with lack of a metaphorical plane I'm finding it hard... but having fun non-the-less.


I was looking forward to/had planned on going to Liverpool all week with Sarah but she went out last night and now is hungover and doesn’t want to go :( now i’ve gotto go on my own and it will be rubbish :(

Am watching Top of The Pops…..

My Dad: I thought Adele was black…

Merry Christmas everyone :)

Had a lovely afternoon with Sarah yesterday and she got me an amazing jumper and some other cool things including a wheres wally keyring that I lost! oops! I found it though :) I just had Christmas dinner and now am gonna watch some crap tv with the fam then go round to Sarahs :)

Nearly chopped my fingers off in a paper shredder

I was shredding paper in work and then it sucked my pinky and second finger into the shredder! We called for an ambulance and they came and gave me gas and air and I said a load of stupid shit, I felt high as a kite I didn’t know where I was and then they managed to get my hand out using butter and a crowbar. Then I fainted and went to hospital. Now I have a painful little finger :( Luckily it didn’t get chopped off.

Anonymous asked: LOSER

I wonder who this is?